Instagram starts testing the Nudity Protection feature for DMs

Instagram starts testing the Nudity Protection feature for DMs


22 September 2022

The unsolicited nude photos shared through personal messages on social networking services are one of the biggest problems in today's era, so Meta intends to take drastic measures to protect Instagram users.

Specifically, the company started testing for a feature called Nudity Protection, which the user can activate from their account settings to automatically hide any photo including nude content. Of course, the service will allow you to see the photo if you wish.

A Meta spokesman stresses that they work closely with Nudity Protection experts, wanting to protect users' privacy without depriving control of the messages they receive. Both Meta and Instagram will not be able to know the content of the photo in question, as the Nudity Protection will operate on-deb and not through a server.

The problem with the unsolicited nude photos is particularly great for young people and even the University College London research had shown that 75.8% of Instagram users aged between 12-18 had received such content in a personal message.

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