Meta introduces its new AI image creation tool

Meta introduces its new AI image creation tool


07 December 2023

Following in the footsteps of Google's Gemini AI model, Meta has introduced a new web-based AI image generator called "Imagine with Meta" that allows users to generate images from prompts. Imagine with Meta, like popular tools like DALL-E and Midjourney, is powered by the Emu image production diffusion model and generates high-resolution images from text prompts.

For users in the United States, the program is free and can generate up to four photos every prompt. According to Meta, the idea is to create a more creative creation experience outside of chat apps, where similar AI development tools have previously been available.

In addition, Instagram and Messenger's new Reimagine feature allows pals to build on each other's photographs in real time. When one person delivers a text request to Meta AI's image generator, a visual response is generated. Others in the group chat can then touch and hold the image to create their own text prompt.

However, Meta image generating techniques have been the subject of controversy due to racially prejudiced image stickers. Meta said it will begin attaching invisible watermarks to photos made by Imagine with Meta to address such concerns. To promote content transparency, these watermarks will be generated by an AI model and identifiable by a similar model.

In the coming weeks, we’ll add invisible watermarking to the imagine with Meta AI experience for increased transparency and traceability. The invisible watermark is applied with a deep learning model. While it’s imperceptible to the human eye, the invisible watermark can be detected with a corresponding model


Furthermore, Meta inserts Reels straight into discussions. These short videos, similar to Instagram Reels, allow individuals to study topics in a more engaging visual manner than just text.

Say you’re planning a trip to Tokyo with friends in your group chat, you can ask Meta AI to recommend the best places to visit and share Reels of the top sites to help you decide which attractions are must-sees.

Meta also revealed upgrades to its AI helper in addition to the new image generator.AI characters based on celebrities will now be fully available in the United States on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

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