MIT engineers construct an underwater battery-free camera

MIT engineers construct an underwater battery-free camera


10 November 2022

MIT engineers have created a wireless underwater camera that can operate completely autonomously for long periods of time without a battery. To power it, the ground-breaking camera takes advantage of sound, and the researchers say it's nearly 100,000 times more efficient than other underwater cameras. In addition to its autonomy, the wireless camera has the ability to take color photos, even in the dark, but also to transmit this data even when it is in water.

The goal of the researchers was to build an underwater camera that would be able to operate for weeks and at the same time have the ability to shoot in the dark to study creatures that live on the bottom. By converting the sound waves traveling through the water into electrical energy, the battery issue is solved, while at the same time this energy is exploited to complete the display of the images and their transmission.

MIT's pioneering camera was officially presented in the scientific journal Nature Communications and you can see it in action in the video below:

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