Mobile Pricing

Call Rates

With Primetel mobile, you get simple and low rates so you’ll know exactly how and what you will be charged, without any small print.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about our call rates.

Price list
National Calls €0.095/minute
SMS to National Networks €0.035
SMS abroad €0.065
Mobile Internet €0.095/per MB
MMS within Cyprus €0.2543
MMS abroad €0.3560

Any time, any network – charges per 30-second increments
The maximum number of latin characters per SMS is 160. Language choice
for messages may decrease the number of characters per SMS

Number Description Cost
Calls to Primetel services

133 Customer Service Free
134 Primetel Business Support Free
11800 Directory Services €0.89/per call + €0.07/
15 sec.
122 Voicemail Primetel First 10 seconds are FREE, then €0.0233/20 seconds
Calls to special numbers and other services

7777xxxx Universal Access Service €0.12/minute
Private Number €0.1109/minute
800xxxxx National Freephone services FREE
120 Call Center Cablenet €0.0720/minute
123 CYTA Voicemail €0.0720/minute
124 CYTA Broadband Telephony Voicemail €0.0720/minute
130 Call Center Cablenet €0.0720/minute
132 CYTA Customer Service €0.0720/minute
135 DUTCHTECH PCS LTD Support €0.0720/per min.
136 epic Customer Service €0.000678/per sec.
159 epic Customer Care €0.0720/per min.
11810 ATHINA LEATHERGOODS LTD SERVICES €0.3328/call + €0.1513/15 sec.
11811 epic Directory Enquiries €0.3250/call + €0.0745/minute
11888 Cablenet Directory Enquiries €0.3253/call + €0.04217/15 sec.
11892 CYTA Directory Enquiries €0,39/call + €0,06/15 sec.
11894 International Directory Enquiries €2.37/minute

151 Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus FREE
1400 Hospitals FREE
1401 Poison Control Center FREE
1402 Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council FREE
1403 Cyprus Association of patients FREE
1406 Proteas FREE
1410 Support against drug abuse FREE
1413 Agios Stefanos Foundation FREE
116 111 Support Children & Teens FREE
116 000 Missing Children FREE
Ministry of Health – Coronavirus Results FREE
1414 Hunter’s line
1415 Transportation Department FREE
1417 Russian Embassy in Cyprus FREE
1419 Audio Text FREE
1420 Ministry of Health telephone support for Coronavirus
1422 Cyprus National Addictions Authority FREE
1424 Cyprus Diabetic Association FREE
1428 Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social insurance FREE
1429 Consumer line FREE
1430 Ministry of Defense service line
1431 Cyprus Smoking help line FREE
1433 Ministry of Labour helpline for Coronavirus Funding FREE
1440 Association for Prevention and Handling of Domestic Violence FREE
1441 Rescue Coordination Centre FREE
1442 Μedic Alert FREE
1443 Sovereign Bases Forces FREE
1445 Cyprus Red Cross FREE
1454 Cyprus Gambling Helpline FREE
1455 Family Plan Association FREE
1456 Center of multiple intervention for psychological health FREE
1460 Police Confidential Line FREE
1466 Cyprus Hope for Children FREE
1470 NG Military personnel welfare FREE
1471 Cyprus Psychological Association FREE
1474 Cyprus Patients' Associations Federation
1482 Cyprus Ithaki Charity Organisation FREE
1490 National CSIRT-CY FREE
1469 ELAZO Cancer patient and relatives Association FREE
1497 Cyprus Police - reporting for Human trafficking €0.0014
1498 Drugs Law Enforcement Unit FREE
1800 EAC Faults and Complaints center FREE
1818 Electricity Authority Cyprus EAC €0.025/minute
17000 Call Center GESY FREE
17700Tax Department Call Center€0.09/per 30 sec
1477 Refugees from Ukraine - Information Center FREE
Emergency Calls
112 Emergency services FREE
199 Emergency services FREE
Prices include VAT

International Charges Cost per minute
Greece landline €0.1210
Greece mobile €0.2374
United Kingdom landline €0.1229
United Kingdom landline €0.1229
United Kingdom mobile €0.2374
Russia landline €0.125
Russia mobile €0.3029
USA landline €0.1038
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International SMS €0.065 per SMS to any international network     
  • Prices in € per minute, charged per minute.
  • Charging is applied per 60 sec with minimum charge 60 seconds – applicable 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Price includes VAT
Flexi Program €0.095/MB charged per ΚΒ
Unlimited 1/2/3/4/5/6 €0.095/ MB charged per ΚΒ
GIGA Smart S/M/L €0.095/ MB charged per ΚΒ
GIGA Unlimited/Plus/Max €0.095/ MB charged per ΚΒ