Opera introduces Aria, an AI sidebar integrated to its web browser

Opera introduces Aria, an AI sidebar integrated to its web browser


25 May 2023

Opera recently introduced Aria, an artificial intelligence feature designed to improve the browsing experience for its users. Aria can provide free access to AI services that are natively built into the browser. It also allows users to collaborate with AI when searching the web, writing text or code, and obtaining product information.

Aria leverages Opera's "Composer" architecture, which enables integration with OpenAI's GPT. This advanced infrastructure allows Aria to connect to multiple AI models, providing users with a flexible range of AI-enabled services.

In addition, Aria integrates live results from the web, ensuring that users have access to up-to-date information from the web, eliminating any limitations associated with outdated content.

The current version of Aria takes the form of a chat interface, facilitating direct interaction between users and the AI system. This initial step serves as a foundation for future development, with Opera planning to integrate Aria deeper into the browser in future versions.

The integration of Aria into Opera marks a remarkable evolution in web browsing. Users now have the opportunity to harness the power of artificial intelligence when performing various web tasks, such as searching the web, creating content and searching for product information.

Aria is accessible in more than 180 countries through early access versions of Opera One. Users interested in trying Aria can download the latest version of Opera One (development version) on a PC or the beta version of Opera for Android from the Google Play Store. You are required to have an Opera account to try Aria.

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