The Last of Us Part II Remastered officially announced!

The Last of Us Part II Remastered officially announced!


20 November 2023

Naughty Dog has officially confirmed the existence of The Last of Us Part II Remastered, giving a slew of details on the forthcoming 2020 PlayStation 4 re-release in a post on their website, replete with an announcement trailer.

The new roguelike "No Return" mode, which sounds incredibly intricate, is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the remaster. You select a character and then strive to survive in "randomized encounters"—it's unclear whether real maps are randomized—and surviving allows you to gain meta-progression, which allows you to improve your character's powers, unlock cosmetics, and compete on global daily challenge leaderboards.

"Remastered" denotes enhanced A/V quality. The new edition will, certainly, take use of the PlayStation 5's improved capabilities, offering the regular 4K "Fidelity" option or a 1440p-upscaled-to-4K "Performance" mode that plays at 60fps. Regardless of option you select, the game will appear better in general owing to variable refresh rate support, enhanced LoD settings, crisper textures, smoother animation rates, and so on. DualSense controller features such as adjustable triggers will also be used.

Naughty Dog is also going heavy on behind-the-scenes goodies, with a ton of commentary from various creatives, including voice actors, and numerous new "lost levels" that will let you to play through portions that were eliminated from the original Part II release.

A speedrun challenge level, increased photo-taking capability, extra skins for various characters, and extended guitar playing will broaden the sound options and allow you to host impromptu mini concerts in various places are also on the way.

Pre-orders begin on December 5. A more expensive The Last of Us Part II Remastered W.L.F. Edition will feature a SteelBook cover, four enamel pins, a clothing patch, and tangible reproductions of 47 trading cards from the game. Existing PS4 Part II owners may also upgrade to the digital version of Remastered for €10.

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