This astounding NASA animation demonstrates the size of black holes

This astounding NASA animation demonstrates the size of black holes


02 June 2023

Big black holes exist. When compared to something like our Sun, how huge are they exactly? That is what the newest NASA annimation seeks to clarify. In comparison to our Sun, the new black hole animation shows some of the greatest black holes in the cosmos.

It's a startling animation that really contributes to painting a realistic picture of the size of these celestial objects that have perplexed and fascinated astronomers for decades. Even more exciting is the fact that these supermassive black holes have the potential to grow even larger. This is due to the fact that supermassive black holes merge whenever galaxies with them collide.

As a result, as more matter, mass, and gas are drawn into the black holes, they are able to become bigger and bigger. It's really difficult to look at this NASA black hole animation without getting the impression that people are a very minor part of the cosmos, which may be difficult for some to accept.

Still, it serves as an excellent reminder that the universe is expanding and a wonderful opportunity to highlight some of the most fascinating black holes that have been found so far. Knowing how large black holes can grow will also help us comprehend how they change and develop over time.

In the video, NASA describes the sizes of black holes like the Milky Way's and Messier 87's. Using cutting-edge telescopes, astronomers have taken direct pictures of both of these black holes. Similar techniques have been used to directly measure each of the black holes depicted in the animation.

Even so, the black hole would still have a mass of billions of solar masses, which is an absurd measurement. Some of the black holes seen in the film are so massive that a beam of light would need weeks to cross them. Furthermore, scientists continue to find new black holes, some of which are rogue black holes without a host galaxy.

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