USB-C mandatory on iPhones from December 28, 2024

USB-C mandatory on iPhones from December 28, 2024


12 December 2022

For many months now we have been closely following the developments regarding the bill that the European Union is preparing for the mandatory use of USB-C connector on the electronic devices sold in its member countries. Things have now taken their course, the bill has been approved by the European Parliament and all that was left was to announce the final and final date of its implementation.

The latest update from the EU came with an official document that explicitly states that all electronic devices sold in Europe from December 28, 2024 will have to have a USB-C connector for charging, while member states will have to have passed the respective legislations since December 28, 2023, i.e. one year earlier.

The USB-C connector legislation applies to smartphones, tablets, e-readers, earbuds, digital cameras, headphones and headsets, portable game consoles, portable speakers, keyboards, mice and laptops, with some exceptions if their size cannot support the specific technology (e.g. smartwatches). Also excluded are all electronic devices that support wireless charging technology.

The company most affected is obviously Apple, which will be forced to abandon its own Lightning technology to adopt USB-C in both iPhones and iPads. A representative of the company has admitted that they will necessarily comply with the new rules and it is possible that this will happen before the deadline.

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