What’s new in Google Chrome 89

What’s new in Google Chrome 89


12 March 2021

The final version of Google Chrome 89 is available on all platforms for a few days, however, the company decided to stand a little more in this edition to highlight the significant improvements that made in terms of efficiency.

Google explains that it uses its own PartitionAlloc technology to reduce delays (latency), employment of RAM, as well as to save more energy in laptops.

In the case of Windows PCs, the improvement reaches the level of 22% as the Chrome browser stops occupying RAM from both tabs that remain open in the background and the one that is active in front of the user. For example, when you scroll down a tab, the images you went through stop consuming RAM, increasing speed and saving energy.

For PCs with macOS, the RAM savings are up to 8% which may seem a small number, but in practice could correspond to more than 1GB of RAM. In combination with the best overall management of tabs in the background, Mac computers don't raise the temperature even when the user has multiple tabs open simultaneously.

The Chrome browser is available free for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

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