WhatsApp introduces Chat Lock feature for more privacy

WhatsApp introduces Chat Lock feature for more privacy


16 May 2023

The WhatsApp development team has officially announced a new feature that is gradually being launched on the popular service, called Chat Lock. It is an extra layer of privacy for users' chats, as the latter have the possibility to "hide" them behind a password or biometric method (facial recognition, fingerprint).

Meta notes that Chat Lock will be a very useful tool for those who use WhatsApp for chats that include sensitive content, whether business-type or very personal, and stresses that these hidden chats will not appear in the main list with all the others. Instead, the user will find them in a separate folder where they can be accessed either via passcode, facial recognition or fingerprint.

In addition, notifications coming from hidden chats will not include a preview of the message and media files shared through them will not be automatically saved to the user's device library.

The process of inserting a lock into a chat is extremely easy, as you just need to tap on the chat name centrally above (either single or group) and go to the security settings to enable Chat Lock. Of course, at any time you can remove Chat Lock from any chat.

The launch has already started on Android and iOS devices, but it may take a few days before it rolls out to all users.

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