WhatsApp rolls out forward - rewind feature for videos

WhatsApp rolls out forward - rewind feature for videos


26 March 2024

WhatsApp's instant messaging service now allows users to rapidly advance or rewind videos. To swiftly advance or rewind a movie by 10 seconds, double tap either the right or left side of the screen.

The function, which has been in testing for a while, operates similarly to how you may advance or rewind a video in streaming applications like Netflix and YouTube. The ability to forward/rewind a video is now shipped with WhatsApp's latest update for iOS available on the App Store.

Here's the changelog for WhatsApp for iOS v24.6.77.

  • You can instantly record and send video messages in chats. Long press the camera next to the text field in chat to get started
  • You can quick forward/rewind by double tapping the edge of a video
  • New design for the attachment tray in chat

According to the changelog, these enhancements will be available to all users within the next few weeks. Although there is no mention of it on Google Play, WhatsApp's video forward/rewind functionality is available on the Android version. Alternatively, you can move forward or backward in a WhatsApp video by manually sliding the progress bar in the player.

Aside from that, the update allows you to initiate and exchange video messages by long-pressing the camera button. In July of last year, Android and iOS released the Video Messages feature, which allows users to transmit minute-long films. It was previously available through the microphone button in the chat UI.

The Meta-owned messaging platform is developing additional features such as favorites, default media upload quality, group chat filtering, and sharing status updates from partner devices.

WhatsApp is also preparing to integrate with third-party messaging apps. A video recently surfaced demonstrating the potential onboarding procedure for the underdevelopment function. It is aiming to add Passkey functionality to iOS, allowing users to access WhatsApp without passwords.

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