WhatsApp's Chat Lock will sync to all versions

WhatsApp's Chat Lock will sync to all versions


13 February 2024

WhatsApp is expanding its Chat Lock function to synchronize across linked devices. So, if you lock a conversation in the mobile app, it will remain locked on WhatsApp for web and Windows. It doesn't operate that way right now because the other platforms are viewed as independent entities.

WABetaInfo uncovered this future update after going into the current Android beta. They spotted a popup with a line of text stating that WhatsApp used the opportunity to shut the chat group on a paired device. To reopen it, you'll need to "use your secret code". The "secret code" they are referring to is a freshly published security enhancement added to the platform in November. According to the publication, all locked chats will be compiled into a list, which you will need to access by entering your code.

Chat Lock's extension accomplishes two things that we really like. One advantage is that you no longer have to relock the same discussion on Windows, making WhatsApp more user-friendly. It simplifies the process. Second, it promises to provide consistent protection across all your devices. According to WABetaInfo, this improvement will consolidate privacy management across all of the platform's forms.

The feature is still being developed. It does not work in any manner. However, based on the uploaded image, the upgraded Chat Lock may be available to beta testers soon. No word on whether the similar tool will be offered for WhatsApp for iOS. WABetaInfo does not specify whether or not it will, but it could be a matter of time before it appears on iPhones.

Along with the leak, Meta released a WhatsApp upgrade that allows users to block someone directly from the lock screen or chat list without opening the text. Notifications will now have a Block option next to Reply. We don't blame you if you don't know about this. The corporation did not make any announcements on its social media platforms or key channels. Meta instead made the announcement via a text message from the official WhatsApp channel. So, until you subscribe to the channel, you won't know anything.

This patch is presently being applied to the Android app. It's unclear whether iOS users will receive the same feature. Meta has not mentioned anything, and we couldn't find anyone discussing about obtaining the feature on their iPhone. So we contacted Meta to see whether there were any intentions to expand the lock screen block tool to iOS. This story will be updated later.

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