Xiaomi's Redmi shows 300W charging technology

Xiaomi's Redmi shows 300W charging technology


02 March 2023

Xiaomi's fast-charging technology is getting further and further out of the norm, as the Redmi subsidiary has already demonstrated a new implementation that theoretically promises 300W charging power!

The company posted an official video on the Chinese network Weibo where it shows a specially modified version of the Redmi Note 12 Discover Edition with a 4100mAh battery capacity (instead of 4300mAh that the regular version has) to fully charge from zero in less than 5 minutes! The dual GaN charger even manages to fill the battery to 50% in about 2 minutes.

The theoretical limit is 300W, but in the video we see that the reaches up to 290W during charging and only for a few seconds. This is logical to protect the battery from rapid degradation, as well as for the safety of the whole process, as Xiaomi notes that there are 50+ safeguards.

The company's engineers have incorporated even more powerful 15C cells into the battery (instead of 10C), in which some conventional graphite parts have been replaced with new carbon materials. This has resulted in a 35% reduction in electrode thickness, and combined with an improved electrolyte formula, the battery can condense more energy at a faster rate of charge and discharge. At the same time, they claim that the temperature generated is lower than previous solutions!

While it's unlikely we'll see a 300W charger for smartphones in the near future, it's always interesting to see where the technology can go.

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