Alphabet is founding a new company to create drugs with AI

Alphabet is founding a new company to create drugs with AI


09 November 2021

For several years now, DeepMind has been in the spotlight for its breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, with AlphaFold leading the way in predicting the three-dimensional structure of proteins with incredible precision.

That's why Alphabet (Google's parent company) has decided to start another subsidiary that will take advantage of the capabilities of the AlphaFold system to develop a new generation of drugs for even more targeted treatments for various diseases. The company is called Isomorphic Labs and was headed by Demis Hassabis, who is the CEO and co-founder of DeppMind, which is also owned by Alphabet.

In a statement, Demis Hassabis expressed his belief that we are on the threshold of an amazing new era for research in the fields of Biology and Pharmacy. His optimism stems from the fact that the AlphaFold system has managed to solve one of the most important challenges of the last 50 years, that of predicting the folding of the protein structure by reading its amino acid sequence directly at the individual level.

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