Artemis I mission wrapped up in a 60 second video

Artemis I mission wrapped up in a 60 second video


23 December 2022

ESA (European Space Agency) has published a short but extremely interesting cinematic video on the occasion of the successful completion of the Artemis I mission which has theoretically paved the way for the return of manned missions to the Moon.

In just 60 seconds, ESA breaks down the mission's highlights and achievements, including some of the most impressive images taken by the Orion spacecraft during its very close passes by the Earth satellite.

The Artemis I unmanned mission was the first major test of NASA's powerful SLS (Space Launch System) rocket. ESA designed and oversaw the development of the service module for the Orion spacecraft, with the module providing air, electricity and propellant.

During the journey, the spacecraft came within just 100km of the Moon's surface and set a travel record for a craft intended to be used for a manned mission. At the same time, all the necessary tests of its systems were carried out for a future manned mission.

According to Mike Sarafin, one of the Artemis I mission managers,

Orion returned from the Moon safely back to Earth. Its docking marked the end of a successful course in Space, where it exceeded our expectations and proved that it can withstand the adverse conditions that prevail when it enters the atmosphere of our planet.

The next Artemis II mission is scheduled to take place in early 2024 with astronauts on the Orion spacecraft and to cover the exact same path, while the Artemis III mission will follow after 1-2 years with the goal of landing on the moon after 1972 If all goes well, the ultimate goal is to have the first manned mission to Mars within the next decade.

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