Gemma is a new, smaller AI model from Google

Gemma is a new, smaller AI model from Google


26 February 2024

Google has introduced two new, smaller open-source AI models based on the company's flagship Gemini AI model.

The two models, known as Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, are intended to assist academics and developers in responsible AI development. It is constructed using research and technology to produce the Gemini models.

According to Google, the two new versions are smaller in size than the Gemini. They go above and beyond "significantly larger models on key benchmarks while adhering to our rigorous standards for safe and responsible outputs," the business said in a statement.The models can also be used on a developer laptop or desktop computer.

Google's Gemini is a closed model. Introducing Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B allows developers and researchers to get their hands on a model designed with the same research and technology as Gemini, but at a lower cost. Developers can acquire Gemma models via a variety of platforms, including Kaggle, Hugging Face, Nvidia's NeMo, and Google's Vertex AI.

According to the creators, they can "start working with Gemma today using free access in Kaggle, a free tier for Colab notebooks, and $300 in credits for first-time Google Cloud users." Researchers can apply for Google Cloud credits worth up to $500,000 to advance their work.

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