Pixel Watch 2 is now official with better battery life

Pixel Watch 2 is now official with better battery life


05 October 2023

Google revealed the Pixel Watch 2, which has improved performance as well as additional health and safety features. The watch is now available for pre-order at the Google Store, Fitbit.com, and other stores for $349 for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and $399 for 4G LTE. On October 12, it will be accessible in 30 countries.

The key selling point for Google's new watch is its performance. The Pixel Watch 2 features a new quad-core CPU that provides smoother and more powerful performance. A low-power co-processor is also included to assist the watch reach 24 hours of battery life even with the always-on display.

This is convenient for folks who wish to check their heart rate throughout the day because the watch only has to be removed for an hour in order to be fully charged. Google has introduced three additional sensors to the Pixel Watch 2 to help you understand more about your health, including a new heart rate sensor that gives more precise heart rate, exercise, calorific, and sleep readings.

Google also introduced a new continuous electrodermal activity sensor, which may detect indicators of stress and alert the user, allowing them to take action such as meditation. The third sensor measures your skin temperature at night to detect changes in your general wellness and provide you with further information about your sleep. Just open Assistant and ask to see how well you've been sleeping.

The Pixel Watch 2 adds a few new security features, such as Medical ID, which informs first responders of your allergies, blood type, and other medical concerns, Emergency Sharing, and Safety Check.

If you decide to go for a run or do something else late at night or early in the morning on your own, Safety Check lets you designate emergency contacts who will be notified if you don't arrive at your location by a specified timer. If you want to mix things up a bit, you can also locate various watch bands by going to the Google Store.

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