What will happen to your WhatsApp account after May 15?

What will happen to your WhatsApp account after May 15?


12 May 2021

WhatsApp's new privacy policy is almost here, as users will have to decide whether to accept or not the new changes.

There was a clarification that after May 15 the messaging platform won’t delete users’ accounts if they don’t accept the new terms. However, the account will become pretty useless after the changes and we’ll explain the reasons.

If you reject the new privacy policy, your WhatsApp experience will be as follows:

Initially, a notification will appear (the one you see on WhatsApp), which will continue to remain after May 15. Then, a few weeks after the 15th day of this month, the notification will be permanent and by the time you know, you’ll be getting ‘’limited functionality’’ for WhatsApp.

What does ‘’limited functionality’’ mean?

It means inaccessibility to your chat list. However, you will still be able to receive phone and video calls, and if you have your notifications on, you can still read and reply to messages through the notifications window or return missed calls/video calls. A few weeks later, you won’t be able to receive calls and the application will stop sending messages and calls to your device.

However, if yοu still haven’t made up your mind whether or not to accept the new privacy policy, you’ve probably decided to switch messaging apps anyway. And if you do that, you can always export your chat history.

Be careful, because once you delete your WhatsApp account, there is no coming back. Your message history will be erased and the application will remove you from all WhatsApp groups.

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