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I have lost my phone. What do I do?

1. Call 133 to report it.

We’ll instantly disable outgoing calls, SMS and any operation that might charge your account.

Incoming calls will work as normal.

2. Visit a local police station to declare the loss of your mobile phone so that you are issued the relevant certificate of loss.

In order to do that, you’ll need the IMEI code– International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is a unique 15-digit identification number which can be found on a label on the original packaging of the device.

3. Visit a Primetel shop with your certificate of loss and your identity card.  We will add your lost device on the “Black List”.

When a device is registered in this list, it cannot work in the Primetel network or in any other Cypriot mobile network

At the Primetel shop, you can easily get a new SIM card, which will of course hold your previous phone number.

In case you find your device, you’ll need to declare it again to the police and be issued the relevant certificate. 
Then, you’ll have to bring it to a Primetel store so that we can remove your device from the “Black List”