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Can I change the WiFi password / name?

Here is where you can find and change your Wi-Fi name or password.

- Visit MyPrimetel
- Go to 'My services' Section -> Internet & TV -> WiFi Manage -> Change Wi-Fi password / name (SSID)

  • A Wi-Fi network that uses WPA2™ provides the security and the privacy of all the communication carried out through your network.
  • The secure Wifi password enhances significantly the network security, so it is extremely important to choose an effective password. Generally, increasing the length, ensuring complexity and randomness can improve the effectiveness of a password.
  • A password should never contain words that can be find in a dictionary and it should never contain any of your personal information such as ID number, name or address etc.
  • PrimeTel recommends that a password should be as least 10-characters long, contain a combination of both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as include at least one special character (e.g. ! @ # ? ]).
  • Frequent password change can increase the security of your network.