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Data and MMS settings

Most mobile phone manufacturers will set up your phone with the following information as soon as the SIM card connects to the network.

DATA settings

     Name: Primetel
     APN: ip.primetel
     “Username” and “password”:  leave blank

MMS settings

     MMSC: http://mms.primetel
     APN Type:  default,supl,mms

Automatic settings
1.  Click HERE for the data self care assistance
2.  Enter your phone number and security code displayed on your screen.
3.  Then, enter the one-time code that you will receive by SMS.
4.  Select ‘send’ to have the settings sent to you.  In case a code is requested, enter 1234.

* This application does not support IOS devices (APPLE)

** In case your device is not listed, select identification through IMEI (IMEI is a unique number that identifies your mobile phone device. In order to retrieve your phone’s IMEI number, press/use/enter *#06#. Then fill in the first 8 digits in the relevant field and select 'OK'